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Baskets - 45L

by KT Nets
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KT Nets 45-Litre Plastic Fish Basket: Rigid, Weatherproof, and Impact-Resistant Storage Solution! Moulded Handles for Easy Handling.

Available in Vibrant Red or Blue.

Elevate your fishing experience with the KT Nets 45-Litre Plastic Fish Basket – a versatile and robust storage solution engineered to meet your fishing needs with precision. Crafted for durability and designed to withstand the elements, this fish basket is the ultimate companion for your fishing adventures. The moulded handles provide a secure grip and ensure easy handling, while the high-impact construction guarantees long-lasting reliability. Choose from vibrant red or blue to match your style and preference, and enjoy a storage solution that perfectly complements your fishing pursuits.

Key Features:

  1. Rigid and Impact-Resistant: Designed to endure the rigors of fishing, the KT Nets 45-Litre Plastic Fish Basket is constructed with high-impact materials, providing a rugged and durable storage solution that stands up to wear and tear.

  2. Weatherproof Performance: Rain or shine, this fish basket is built to brave the elements. Its weatherproof design ensures that your catch remains protected and in prime condition, regardless of the weather conditions.

  3. Moulded Handles for Easy Handling: The integrated moulded handles offer a comfortable and secure grip, allowing you to carry and transport your fish basket with ease, even when loaded with your prized catch.


  • Uncompromising Durability: KT Nets Plastic Fish Basket is a reliable and long-lasting companion for your fishing escapades, ensuring your catch is stored securely and in excellent condition.

  • All-Weather Assurance: With weatherproof construction, this fish basket guarantees the safety and preservation of your fish, even in challenging weather conditions.

  • Effortless Transportation: The moulded handles not only enhance the basket's durability but also provide a convenient grip for easy lifting, carrying, and transport.

  • Color Variety: Choose from striking red or blue options to match your personal style and preferences, adding a touch of vibrancy to your fishing gear.


KT Nets 45-Litre Plastic Fish Basket is your dedicated partner for preserving your catch in style and durability. With its high-impact, weatherproof construction and moulded handles for easy handling, this fish basket offers unparalleled convenience and reliability. Choose the color that resonates with you and experience fishing storage that aligns with your passion and demands. Invest in KT Nets Plastic Fish Basket today and elevate your fishing experience with a solution that's built to last. Your journey to superior fish storage begins here!