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Hockey Rope

High quality platted polysteel hockey rope for field separation and hockey training . Your Hockey Club's Performance with Premium Pitch Dividers! 80mm Thickness in Striking Green, Trusted by Leading Hockey Clubs Across Ireland. Available in All Sizes for Unmatched Versatility.

Discover the ultimate solution to enhance your hockey club's organization and training with KT Nets Hockey Rope. Crafted to perfection, our pitch dividers in vibrant green ensure optimal visibility and efficiency during matches and training sessions. With an impressive 80mm thickness, these ropes are trusted by numerous top-tier hockey clubs throughout Ireland, ensuring your club benefits from the same unmatched quality and performance.

Key Features:

  1. Striking Green Aesthetics: Make a bold statement on the field with our eye-catching green hockey ropes. Not only do they define your pitch with clarity, but they also add a vibrant touch that invigorates the entire playing experience.

  2. Generous 80mm Thickness: Our hockey ropes are designed with an impressive 80mm thickness, providing exceptional sturdiness and longevity. No more compromises on durability – KT Nets ensures your pitch dividers are built to last.

  3. Trusted by Leading Clubs: Count on the same quality trusted by prominent hockey clubs across Ireland. KT Nets Hockey Rope has been rigorously tested in the most demanding environments, proving its reliability time and time again.


  • Organized Gameplay: KT Nets Hockey Rope ensures clear pitch divisions, facilitating seamless gameplay and precise training sessions. Maintain order and optimize your club's performance on the field.

  • Unmatched Durability: With an 80mm thickness, our hockey ropes guarantee long-lasting use, withstanding the rigors of intense training and matches without compromise.

  • Professional Standards: Align your club with top-tier standards seen in leading hockey clubs across Ireland. Elevate your image and gain a competitive edge with pitch dividers trusted by the best.

  • Customized Versatility: Whether you're setting up for mates or honing skills in training, KT Nets Hockey Rope is available in a wide range of sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for any pitch configuration.


KT Nets Hockey Rope redefines pitch division with striking aesthetics, unwavering durability, and a legacy of trust among leading hockey clubs throughout Ireland. Elevate your club's gameplay and training sessions with hockey ropes that blend clarity with resilience. Experience the difference that a quality pitch divider brings to your hockey field. Choose KT Nets and reap the benefits of professional standards, superior performance, and unmatched versatility. Invest in KT Nets Hockey Rope today and propel your hockey club to new heights of excellence.

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