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Bow Fenders

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KT Nets Bow Fenders: Safeguard Your Boat's Bow with Unparalleled Protection! Available in Sizes 13x13 (Small) and 16x16 (Large) with Convenient Top Eyelet.

Protect your prized boat's bow with the utmost confidence using KT Nets Bow Fenders – the ultimate solution for bow protection that leaves no room for compromise. Crafted for durability and precision, these fenders offer a safeguarding layer between your boat and potential impacts. Available in two sizes, 13x13 (Small) and 16x16 (Large), these bow fenders provide tailored fit and coverage. Equipped with a practical top eyelet, installation is a breeze. Elevate your boat's protection – choose KT Nets Bow Fenders and embrace worry-free boat experiences.

Key Features:

  1. Superior Bow Protection: KT Nets Bow Fenders are designed to offer unparalleled protection to your boat's bow, ensuring it remains free from unsightly damage caused by contact.

  2. Tailored Sizes: Available in two sizes – 13x13 (Small) and 16x16 (Large) – our fenders provide the perfect fit for your boat's unique requirements, delivering optimal coverage.

  3. Convenient Top Eyelet: Featuring a top eyelet, these fenders are a breeze to install, ensuring hassle-free integration into your boat's bow protection system.


  • Unwavering Protection: With KT Nets Bow Fenders in place, your boat's bow is shielded from potential impacts, safeguarding its appearance and integrity.

  • Perfect Fit: Choose the size that matches your boat's specifications, guaranteeing precise coverage that caters to your vessel's individual shape and dimensions.

  • Effortless Installation: The top eyelet design streamlines the installation process, allowing you to secure the fenders in place with ease and convenience.

  • Enhanced Peace of Mind: With KT Nets Bow Fenders, you can confidently navigate your boat, knowing that its bow is fortified against potential contact-related damage.


KT Nets Bow Fenders redefine your boat's bow protection, offering tailored solutions that combine precision, durability, and convenience. Whether your boat is small or large, these fenders ensure impeccable coverage and safeguarding. Elevate your boating experience with the assurance that your boat's bow is protected against potential impacts. Choose KT Nets for your bow fender needs and navigate the waters with confidence. Contact us today to explore how our fenders can transform your boating experience and preserve your boat's integrity. Your journey to unwavering boat protection starts here!