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18V Cordless Hot Knives

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Cordless Electric Sailing Cutter Knife DC 18V Rope Cutter Kit Wire Cutter Fabric Hot Knife Cutting Tool for Cutting Belt, Webbing, Fiber, Cloth, Nylon Rope, Rubber, Carpet, Styrofoam, EPS, etc..

 Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery as a movable power supply. When in use, insert the battery smoothly into the bottom of the handle. The powerful Li-ion rechargeable battery and rapid charger support cutting work without mains power and without interruptions.

Hot Knife can cut lightweight foam, KT board, polyurethane, polyethylene, expanded EPS, extruded XPS, sponge, rubber, nylon, canvas, synthetic, fabric, bands, awnings, filter cloth, belt, rope, cord, wallpaper, etc.

1 battery and 1 blade included.

1 extra battery can be added at additional cost.