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Oliveira Delphinline Pot Rope - 220M Coils

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KT Nets Pot Rope: Unleash Unrivaled Strength and Durability with Oliveira Delphinline, a Leading Portuguese Manufacturer. High-Strength Polysteel Potting Rope in Striking Green, Floaty Rope with Yellow Fleck, and Leaded Rope for Ultimate Versatility. Sizes Ranging from 10mm to 18mm.

Discover the pinnacle of quality and performance with KT Nets Pot Rope, proudly sourced from the esteemed Portuguese manufacturer Oliveira Delphinline.This medium lay rope is crafted for durability and reliability, our potting rope is designed to withstand the rigors of demanding marine applications. This robust polysteel rope, boasting remarkable strength, ensures your pots are secured with unwavering dependability. In addition, our floaty rope with a distinctive green and yellow fleck offers optimal visibility and buoyancy, while our leaded rope provides the ideal balance of weight and strength.

Key Features:

  1. Oliveira Delphinline Excellence: Partnering with the renowned manufacturer Oliveira Delphinline, KT Nets delivers pot rope of unparalleled quality and performance, setting the standard for durability and reliability.

  2. High-Strength Polysteel: Our potting rope is meticulously engineered for outstanding strength and wear resistance, ensuring your marine operations are carried out with ultimate dependability.

  3. Variety of Options: Choose from a wide range of sizes to perfectly match your needs. Our floaty rope and leaded rope are available in various diameters, providing optimal flexibility and versatility.


  • Unmatched Durability: KT Nets Pot Rope is the ultimate solution for enduring wear and tear in marine environments, offering the strength needed to secure your pots effectively.

  • Clear Visibility and Buoyancy: Our floaty rope, with its distinctive green color and yellow fleck, ensures high visibility and buoyancy, aiding in location and retrieval.

  • Balanced Weight and Strength: Leverage our leaded rope's balanced combination of weight and strength for optimized pot sinking and stability.

  • Tailored to Perfection: With sizes ranging from 10mm to 18mm, KT Nets provides the flexibility to select the ideal rope thickness for your specific potting needs.


KT Nets Pot Rope, hailing from the acclaimed manufacturer Oliveira Delphinline, elevates your marine potting operations with a trifecta of strength, visibility, and versatility. From the high-strength polysteel construction to the green floaty rope with a yellow fleck and the balanced leaded rope, every option is engineered to exceed expectations. Secure your pots with confidence, retrieve them with ease, and navigate your marine activities with the best in quality and performance. Invest in KT Nets Pot Rope today and experience the difference that unwavering strength, visibility, and versatility bring to your marine endeavors. Your journey to superior potting success begins here!